Saturday, April 24, 2010

the shape of what is made (wendell berry)

welcome to the first project.

the item: a broken section of fence
the location: james street, harrisburg
the story: we began, finally, to start owning pots and pans. we did this, without space to store them. i could tell you the reason for that is because we have an abnormally low amount of cupboard space, but i would be leaving out the truth: my roommate/soulmate, borne out of the goodness in her heart, hoards these huge cups from gas stations with intentions to reuse them. they, in the meanwhile, and in addition to a strange assortment of muffin tins, crowd our shelves and cloud the possibility of pots inhabiting the same space. these things were on my mind when, one fateful day, i was circling the block to find the four oversized windows i had been told were abandoned on green street. IN ADDITION TO THESE, i found this fence in an open lot next to an aquarium (which i did not take. because it had been. used for something.)

the fence, in its original state, had been exposed to the elements for, oh, a jillion years. peel-y paint, general horror, etc. i won't lie to you, dear reader. i showered with that thing to clean it. (it worked.) once it was Not Gross Anymore, i went to the local hardware store, bought some S-hooks from the dude who looks like benjamin franklin, and hung those pesky pots.

it hangs in our kitchen directly below our chalkboard. it looks pretty great.

the cost: $0 (fence) + $0 (pots and pans given to us by megan's mom's attic) + $6 (eight S-hooks from the hardware store owned by a man who looks like benjamin franklin) = $6.