Saturday, April 24, 2010


about a year ago, i made a decision that was almost entirely based on not having money. that decision was to use my smarts to make my situation prettier. my volition, combined with not being grossed out by the prospect of getting into dumpsters, has since accounted for every scrap of time i can scrape together. i love trash. now, understand me. i don't love egg shells and cracker wrappers (yet). please don't send me any. what i like are things that i cringe to see laying on the side of the road. windows. doors. drawers. etc. i like the challenge of finding a new way to see them.

which brings me to the title of this post. palimpsests, historically, were pages and scrolls that had been scraped and used again, but with the original text leaking through a bit. when i was in a film class in college, we used the word to describe the jarring experience of watching an actor play a role outside of what we were used to. (john wayne playing anything other than a cowboy? please.) in these designs, it's important to me that the original text is visible despite all the scraping. the Making New, the Redemption part of it only works if you can tell this thing used to be crap. these projects have been good for me to stretch my creativity, to make do with what i have, and to subvert traditional recycling.

speaking of recycling, i will go ahead and attribute this new/old venture to my deardear friend joy bauer. i love her work, and i love her words, and i love that she is stirring up all sorts of trouble with her sewing machine. let this project of mine be as genuine and hearty and sneaky as her's.

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