Monday, April 26, 2010

for dappled things (gerard manley hopkins)

the item: an antique type set box
the location: a garage sale during college
the story: this is less about innovation and seeing-for-what-isn't-obvious as much as it is about seeing-what-is-and-remembering-why. inhabiting a reality of knick knack nostalgia, and also wanting to keep a clean home and an eye for beauty, i came to store smallwonderfulthings in this old box and keep it on the living room table. not only does it provide an interesting conversation piece (as in, when you have totally exhausted all topics, you can at least say something like "what the- why in the h is this here?"), but now i know exactly where to go in my house if i need A Haitian Gourdes or A Pendant That I Made With Some Fifth Graders at Danzante Art Center or A Flower Pressed Between Two Glass Slides That My Sister Bought For Me Ten Years Ago In New Orleans From A VooDoo Priest And Which Had Since Been Crushed Beneath The Haughty Heels Of A Fellow Restaurant Worker That Summer Before College When I Lived In A Beach House With Twenty Europeans And No Mother, etc.

The cost: $3 (type set box) + $Years of Nostalgia = $3

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